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There are a variety of government programs available that are ready to pay off part or the entire college loan. Student loan forgiveness is therefore not a myth, it is real. However, being able to find the program that one may be able to qualify for is an uphill task. This is because those programs are not advertised online and most people that qualify for them do not know about you. This article is aimed at unearthing the various programs available for one to get into student forgiveness programs. Check out to get started.
The first program is student loan forgiveness for a family services agency or non-profit child employees. The federal government implemented this program in order to retain and attract highly trained childcare professionals in the market. To qualify for this, the borrower should possess a degree in early childhood education and have worked for two full years. 70% of the student’s loan may be repaid.

The other program is for teachers
This loan forgiveness program repay up to $17,500 towards the college loan borrowed for the qualified teachers. Those that qualify to be paid the following amount are teachers who teach science or mathematics full time.The conditions are that those full time teachers who had a direct loan balance in the year 1998 only qualify to pay only $5,000 for their loan.

The other student forgiveness program is for medical technicians and nurses. This is one of the most generous programs as it offers to repay up to $ 35,000 per year for any medical technician and nurse who is qualified to serve.

Law enforcement officials are also not left out in this as they also have a student loan forgiveness program. This officers are eligible to get their loans repaid at 15% , 20% and 30% for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th years of their service respectively.

The other program is student loan forgiveness for head staff which is awarded to children from low income families. The main aim of this program is helping in eliminating illiteracy, hunger, poverty and homelessness as nearly $ 4725 is wiped out.

There is also student loan forgiveness for those participating in volunteer work.
This is for individuals such as those who served in Volunteers in service to America, Peace Corps as well as Americorps. Each group has its own range of loan amount to be repaid.

The last student loan forgiveness age 65 program for those providing intervention services for the disabled. These intervention services may be offered to toddlers as well as disabled infants too.

Check out for more info.


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